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Hello Charlotte!!!

Please Bare with us as we are updating our website!

Clean Slate Steam Cleaning has been serving Charlotte and the surrounding areas since 1999. However, we have been in the industry since 1996.  How time has flown!!!  We offer residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. (A little known secret, we do vehicles too!) We are a family owned and operated company, so service is our middle name. 

Our Method

There are several methods of cleaning out in the market today, so do your research and choose which you think  is best for you.  Of course, we want you to choose steam cleaning.  First, because it is generally what the carpet industry, along with the EPA recommends and secondly because we feel it is the cleanest, enviromentaly safe method out there.  Although, it is called steam cleaning, in reality, it is hot water extraction.  We do use a small amount of detergents mixed with the water, however, we are vacuuming it right back out, which makes it virtually residue free.  Since we are using a water based solution you should expect to have damp carpet when we have completed cleaning.  The dry time varies, depending on the begining condition of the carpet and the type, however, it generally should be dry within 24 hours.  Circulating air does wonders for expiditing drying time, for example fans (ceiling, floor, HVAC) as well as air temperatures. 


We believe in "NO GIMMICKS or Hidden Charges

YES! You read that right! Although there are a lot of wonderful products out there, you will not find us trying to upsell you. Also, there are NO service charges (THE HIDDEN FEES), i.e...travel charges, extra for DEEP cleaning, etc.  We strive to keep our prices competitive, yet reasonable, so check us out, you'll be pleased.